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The Jordan Fawcett Memorial Award
Jordan's love for basketball and summer camp, plus the example she always set for others, moved us to start a Memorial Fund in her name. This Memorial Fund was set up to recognize those who share the same passion and emulate the same values as Jordan, and work hard to make a difference for others.

The Jordan Fawcett Memorial Award recognizes up-and- coming basketball athletes from Grey Highlands Secondary School. These athletes prove their ability in the sport during league play, they exude dedication during practices and to their school work, they exemplify team spirit and play on and off the court, and they earn the respect of others by working hard to make a difference.

Each year, two worthy individuals are awarded the experience of summer camp at Celtic's one week basketball Sports Camp. Celtic invites top-notch coaches from around the province and teaches individual skills and team concepts in a focused atmosphere of a residential camp. They ensure athletes return to their school as stronger players and leaders in their sport. To learn more about Celtic Camp visit or more on the basketball camp visit

Jordan participated in sports from the time she started walking as she walked right into a pair of skis and onto the slopes before age two. Later we found that Jordan excelled in almost every sport she chose to take on including, soccer, cross country running, track & field, volleyball, and basketball. It was early on in Jordan's life when she decided basketball was her sport of choice. Her smile grew larger and her heart pounded louder when you put a basketball in her hand. She ran up and down the court with the ease and speed of race horse. Jordan's personal values and the way in which she chose to live her life helped guide her play on and off the court. She set a positive example for herself, her teammates, her coaches, her peers and her family and friends. Jordan made a point at the end of every game to seek out the referees and shake their hand out of respect and in good sportsmanship.
This quote from one of Jordan's camp counselors says it all,
I felt lucky when I was put on her team during scrimmage or league play because she was so quick and had a great shot. I was also always happy to be paired up with her as a check because she was fair, but pushed me to run and try my hardest, and sometimes I needed that extra little bit of encouragement. But my absolute favourite thing that I liked about her, and I think many staff members would agree with me, was that no matter the drill, temperature or score Jordan could always muster up a genuine smile. Any counselor who was able to work with Jordan felt her friendship and appreciated her compliancy and dedication. - Gazoo

Jordan also had a love for summer camp! She attended Camp Celtic in Lion's Head since she was little, and later attended Celtic's focused sports camp for basketball. Jordan grew in many dimensions while at camp; mind, skills and spirit. She of course loved the social aspect, the camaraderie and always invited someone new the next year to experience what she loved so much.


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Special Note of Thanks
Through The Jordan Fawcett Memorial Award, Jordan will continue to invite someone new each year to camp as she always has. We extend our most sincere thank you to all those who contributed to The Jordan Fawcett Memorial Fund as without you, this recognition and experience would not be possible.

With love and memories of Jordan,

Dave, Deb and Andy Fawcett